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Layout Plans

I am using 3rd PlanIt from to design my track plan before I start to do the build. This will allow me to get an idea of what I want and what is going to fit and means that I am able to do something even though I don't have a finished place for the layout yet.

I was going to have an around the walls multi-deck layout, however in the May 2010 Model Railroader the featured layout called 'Roanoke & Southern' showed me a walk-in design that would more or less fit within the space I have, I may need to diet a bit as the isles are a little on the narrow side, so I have redesigned my layout based on the benchwork of this layout. It will still be a multi-deck layout with staging on the bottom main deck and a upper level with two helixes joining the levels.

Well here is the first look at the plan, at the moment I only have the benchwork and the small helix coming up from staging and the larger double helix coming from the lower deck to the upper deck. The measurements show how wide both the isles and the layout will be, on the right wall I will be hanging two display cases, one above the other, with a RIP track leading out from the helix going to the work bench going between the two display cases.





This is a first look the benchwork for the main helix.

This is a 3D look at the layout of my 'ManCave' with the office area at the far end, with two book shelves and a rack, on the left a workbench, and on the right the main helix.

When I first started to design my layout I forgot to take into account the windows so I needed to flip my design over to the opposite wall as seen below.


Here is an early look at what I am trying to build from a 3D perspective.