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How to

Cutting Polystyrene.

I have used the hot wire technique to cut the polystyrene blocks for the wall cavities.

I built a power supply as a project while attending polytechnic back in my dim dark past, it has finely become useful. I knew that not throwing it away made sense. It has -12 volts and +12 giving me 24 Volts at 900mA. The polystyrene is 70mm thick so it is a little slow as the nicrome wire cools down quickly as it moves through the polystyrene. I used some spare strips of wood from a garden trellis as they had stapes through them allowing them to dig into the polystyrene, so the hot wire could be guided while cutting, for the most part they were straight or at least straight enough that they would fit into the frame with a little bit of persuasion.

At the moment I am putting together a 'How to' build a static grass applicator - based on the 'Noch gras-master' design.