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Digital Equipment.

Besides the controller that, at the moment is a CS1, I use iTrains by Xander Berkhout to help manage my layout.

I am using one Märklin s88 and four Viessmann Feedback decoders5217 with contact tracks for monitoring where trains are in different sections.

For controlling my turnouts I am using one Märklin k83 and at the moment 4 Viessmann 5211's. I am powering the 5211's with their own power supply so they don't use any of the limited current of my CS1

The wiring for this type of setup is shown below. Note the common ground, the power wire from the transformer goes to the 'E' connector

I will get some photos up of my wiring shortly

To help keep it all tidy under my layout I will be using Conrad cable holders.

Used to good effect beneath a layout. (Not mine!)