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ManCave Building

This is the earliest photo of the ManCave I can find, before the house was purchased. With this photo you can still see the external fascia before I replaced the guttering, you can also make out that one of the corrugated sheets has slipped slightly, this is due to the frame being rotten and it's just friction that holding it in place. Also as an example in the top right hand corner you can see the roof has lifted away, this has happened in three other places and needed to be remedied.

Firstly we need to start with the building. As you can see it is an out building and in need of a bit of repair. I have already replaced the guttering both at the front and the back and a couple of the side panels needed re-fixing to new framing, and yes I broke the window.

After sorting the outside of the building including some work to the roof I started on the inside.

Due to rain damage I had to remove the inner lining and replace some of the framing While I was at it I decided to update the power sockets and Phone connection.

A few months later most of the polystyrene is installed into the framing, oh for some builders paper, next I put some some polythene to keep any water away from the ply to stop any leaky building syndrome.

Sometimes you need all the help you can get and other times all you need is a helping hand.

It's beginning to make a difference already.What you aren't seeing is all the stuff already in the 'Man Cave' slowing everything down due the the fact I have to keep moving it as I work my way around the walls.

Just like magic. In the previous photo only four sheets of ply were up now in the photo on the left all 16 plus sheets are on the walls. The photo on the right shows ply at the top of the window, I have added some polystyrene behind it to stop the wind from coming over the top of the glass pane, while nailing up a batten to help attach the ply sheet I managed to brake the 40 year old brittle glass pane, while checking out what the price would be to get a new one I decided to replace it with a perspex one at a third of the cost. Having done that I have since found out the perspex is prone to break down and become brittle with exposure to sunlight, next time I will just use a sheet of poly-carbonate.

Bats are going in, I have half of them in as of today, I am keeping them in place with the plastic ribbon you get around big boxes, whatever that's called.

As you can see at the top of the photo the Gib is in but not painted, but other than that this area is done. This is where the bookshelves, desk and workbench are going. I have also painted the floor white, and might put down some carpet squares at a later stage.