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Bench Work

I have been having a few issues with what type of bench work to go with as I am looking at a three level walk-in layout and are having issues with the width of the layout compared to the width of the isles and getting enough support built into the decks.

I have been using 3rdplanIT to see how to build the bench work and have come up with this.

I haven't had a chance to put the staging level in yet but it will be under the centre peninsular. Looking carefully you can see the outline of the mid and upper decks.


Below is the beginning of the actual construction of my layout as you can see I have decided to go with a standard open grid type of benchwork for this part of the layout, I've decided that I'm not going to try to keep the undeneath clear due to how low the staging area is, I am able to roll under it to work on it and will be able to put a few small things under there inbetween the legs and that will be fine.

This is the beginning of the staging helix, I need three and a half turns to get to the lower level of the layout with another five levels to get a return from the upper level, as you can see below I have put a printout of the track work on the helix, in this photo it is one level above the exit for the lower level.

Staging, with a printout of the yard tracks, with thehelix on the right. Entry to the helix is via the turnout near the wall at the back of the photo. I haven't been able to come up with a cleaner look for the staging area, I think I might talk to a couple of guys to see if they can see a better, cleaner way to do this.

The lower deck grid work is complete and is sitting above the staging area where it will be secured with ply strips going down the legs.

I have changed the layout of the staging tracks. There will now only be one incoming and one outgoing track. Instead of the original messy track layout.