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Journal The Helix

08 September 2010:- Purchased the timber for the Helix so I'm ready when I finish the walls and ceiling.

03 February 2011:- I have the first six levels complete, please see the Benchwork page to have a look at how it's going.

04 February 2011:- I have started to level out the turnouts to the display cases using small blocks under the ply screwed into the walls.

07 February 2011:- The exit from the helix to the lower level is complete and waiting for sub-roadbed on the lower level to support the track. I have also cut out the last of the levels for the helix, this will make the helix a total of nine and a half turns in height with exits/entries to display cases on every level and access to/from the staging level on the bottom, lower level in the middle and upper level at the top. This helix will use R1 and R2 track to transition between these three levels, I have not put in the R1 track at the moment and am not sure that I will due to the tightness of the R1 radius I will need to see how often trains are transitioning the helix and how much of a bottle neek it becomes.