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Journal The Man Cave

Pre - 06 May 2010:- Spent lots of money; spent lots of time, sixteen months; etc. Next stop "The continuing journey" or should that be "The continuing Journal".

06 May 2010:- I unpacked my new sliding compound mitre saw this morning just in time to cut some 2x2 battens for above the windows that I have closed off to allow for the building of the layout. The walls have the battens at the top of the walls allowing me to screw the ply sheets to the walls but without them the ply will warp without the support, so I have had to rip off some of the polythene to place the battens behind it.

I'm hoping to get the last sheets of ply, it's going to be close if I have enough, on the wall and the 'Man Cave' will have it's new inner lining and insulation finished, and then I'm ready to start the bench work late this month or early next depending on available funds.

04 July 2010:- It's been two months since my last update and as typically happens with construction projects delays have cropped up. I have only just finished lining the walls and have gotten half of the insulation into the ceiling/roof space. I have also started to cover the screw holes and cracks in the ply with filler. At this stage I am going to keep the ply look of the walls and just put a stain/seal over them.

Due to financial considerations I'm going to have to do the ceiling with gib, when I finish the insulation I'll get started with that. I've got a week off work and although I will be spending most of the time with the family I should be able to squeeze in a few hours to get this done. The only thing that will hold me back from finishing the ceiling will be getting the gib back home as the weather forecast is for rain the entire week, and I only have a open trailer to transport it.

Within the next few weeks I am going to look at painting the floor, I've got some white paint leftover from painting the fascia it isn't what I want at the end of the day but will do for now.

7 July 2010:- Hmmm. I've had a set back, I tried to think of everything before going ahead and doing it but I thought of something last night. I have two 50W Spotlights running from mains to 12 volt transformers, the transformers are screwed onto the side of a couple of the beams holding the roof up, they are under where the gib is going to be fix so will be accessible if I need to get to them, but the cable from the light switch to the transformer is too short to reach to the light if I get rid of the transformers. All this means that I had to take off one of the ply wood sheets and get the power cables re-run with enough length to fit through the light fixture hole.

8 July 2010:- I've managed to get three quarters of the bats finished and started to put foam around the window slats, you can see the window in question in a number of photos on the 'Building the Building' page. I have also filled half the holes and cracks in the ply wood and will give them till next week to dry and begin sanding them then.

25 July 2010:- I've sanded back the ply where the office is going and put on two coasts of polyurethane and it is looking god, I have also painted the floor so the whole area is beginning to come together. I've got two sheets of Gib and will be putting them up next week. I have gotten a lighting bar for three spot lights without a need for a transformer and it is now in place.

3 August 2010:- 1/4, the two sheets, of the Gib is up and sealed, although I still need to sand it back and smooth it out. I don't want to use Gib again I much prefer to use Ply, if you don't cut enough off there is almost no way to take 4 or 5 mm off easily, and due to the fact that I don't have enough money to put up skirting boards I have been trying to get it as tight as possible which isn't easy since nothing in the room is square or straight.

23 August 2010:- I've been sick for the last few weeks and so haven't done much but I have managed to get the "Office" area completed as much as possible at this time. I have move the two book shelves and the desk into the area and have dumped as much of the junk as possible there as well so I can get on with the important area which is of course where SVRR is going.

26 August 2010:- This update doesn't have anything to do with the 'Serenity Valley RR' as such, it's just to note that I have gotten a new domain and have moved my web site from the free internet account site with all of it's limitations to a fully fledged paid site with better space and services.

04 September 2010:- I've finished installing the bats into the ceiling, and have started on the next part of filling the screw holes in the wall.

14 September 2010:- I have finished filling the holes in the walls and sanded them. I have also put the first coat of polyurethane on and sanded that so all I have left to do is put the top coast of polyurethane on and I'm done with them. That only leaves the ceiling to do and I'm hoping to pickup six sheets of Gib this weekend, weather permitting.

20 December 2010:- The cave is almost finished - or at least as finished as I can now be bothered doing. It has been two years since I moved into my house and started the 'ManCave' project. I wasn't able to spend a lot of time on it for the first year but things ticked alone slowly. I am now at the point where I can see light at the end of the tunnel and can begin to build my layout itself not just get the building into some type of shape for a layout. To that end I am stopping work on he building because I can now start work on the layout and can come back to finish parts of the building whenever I want.