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Journal BenchWork

08 December 2010:- I got sick of fixing the Building so have purchased some timber and sheets of ply to start on the layout. It is probably a mistake since I still have things to do on the building but I have two choices lose heart on getting anything done or do something even if it isn't in the right order.

27 December 2010:- I have started constructing the staging area of the layout this is a 2700mm x 1000mm peninsular and is 530mm in height. I have screwed down a 12mm ply sheet on top of the framework and will begin to construct the entry to the staging from the small helix that feeds it.

03 January 2011:-The supporting framework for the helix is complete but I need more supplies and will need to wait until the 7th at the earliest.

03 February 2011:-It's been awhile since the last update but I have managed to get a few things done with the construction of the benchwork, I have built the 'Lower deck' frame work as a separate module that is sitting on top of the staging level, with ply strips screwed to the legs between the two levels for stabilization and strength.

07 February 2011:-The exit from the helix to the lower level is complete and I have started to screw down subroadbed where the tracks are going to go. I am woking out how to fix a back drop on the lower level that will support the upper level that will sit on top of it. When this is complete I will then begin construction on the upper level, however this won't be completed any time soon as I want to start building the around the wall part of the layout that leads to the main helix between the lower and upper levels of the layout.