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My new second hobby.

This is the latest improved E-RAZOR 450 Carbon Fiber Edition. This model helicopter includes full CNC aluminum upgrade, a carbon fiber main frame, carbon fiber main blades, carbon fiber tail boom and tail blade and a high performance head lock gyro (GY48V).

It is Ready to Fly complete with a 2.4GHz radio gear!
This is a full 3D Aerobatic Collective Pitch Helicopter with belt driven tail.
Includes head-locking Gyro, 3 cell 11.1v 2200mAh Li-Po Battery & Balance Charger with AC power adapter.
All components are pre-installed and set-up at factory.
The DYNAM E-RAZOR comes with 40A brushless ESC which is matched to a 450 Brushless motor (2750KV).

Key features: - Auto-rotation System - Tail rotor Belt Drive System - High Inertial Main Blade - High Rigidity Main Shaft - Shock Proof Landing Skids - Full Ball Bearing - High rigidity alloy tail boom - High Strength Tail Stand - Type: Ready to Fly Electric 3D Heli - Transmitter:6 Channel RACON 6 2.4Ghz - Main Rotor Diameter: 720mm - Tail Rotor Diameter: 135mm - Length: 655mm - Height: 235mm - Gross Weight: RTF with li-po battery 670g - Battery: 11.1V 2200MAH 20C lithium polymer - Motor: Brushless 2750KV - Brushless Electronic Speed Controller (40A) - Control mode: 120-Degree CCPM system - Separate Detrum GY48V Head Lock Gyro - 9g High Torque Servos (4) - Dynam 2.4Ghz Receiver - Dynam standard Lithium Polymer balance charger.



Helicopter Stand Saturday 21 May 2011.